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Forgiveness and the Franklins

Published - Dec 2nd 2012

One woman's ability to let go of anger and forgive after the worst tragedy of her life

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Happening Right Now

Norman Oklahoma

Stumbled across this and love it.

Provo Utah

They left me a sweet card that has a really uplifting quote on it. It helped lift the burdens that were weighing me down, and gave me a greater desire to do something nice for someone else in return.

Provo Utah

Uplifting quote on the wall.

Harold B. Lee Library, Provo Utah

Laminated card about prayer. Reminded me that I need to go to Him more often.

Brigham Young University, Provo Utah

I went to go get a drink from the water fountain on the fourth floor of the Harold B Lee Library on campus at BYU. On top of the water founatin was a laminated card with a blue sticky note that said, "For you! Remember, you're awesome and you'll rock those finals! :)" The laminated card it was attached to had a quote that said: "Fear and faith cannot coexist in our hearts at the same time. -Neil L. Andersen." It was awesome! Definitely made me smile. This is the second random act of kindness that has happened to me in the last week and it really does make a difference. It reminds you that people are aware and concious of you and finals aren't going to kill you.

Harold B. Lee Library, Provo Utah

I have a paper due soon that has added a significant amount of stress to my life. When I saw a magnet with the perfect quote about stress, I felt really loved. It felt like a gift from God, telling me to keep moving forward.

Djnev 1 year ago more
Provo Utah

I randomly found a chocolate egg with a note- it honestly made my day :) It has made me feel lonely being away from home and for some reason finding a random chocolate bar was a magical reminder I am not alone.

4h4u 1 year ago more
Kamiah Idaho

We talked about being the change we want to see in the world, and we acted on it!

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GivingGame is a way to do good for those around you, and watch that kindness Played Forward

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