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Forgiveness and the Franklins

Published - Dec 2nd 2012

One woman's ability to let go of anger and forgive after the worst tragedy of her life

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Happening Right Now

4h4u 2 months ago more
Kamiah Idaho

We talked about being the change we want to see in the world, and we acted on it!

Kamiah Idaho

We started to think about what we could do for others and acted on it!

broken_car 3 months ago more
Bingham Junction Boulevard, Midvale Utah

I was driving when my car broke down, and this nice guy pulled off to the side of the road and helped me push my car a block into a parking lot so that I could await a tow truck. Thanks, stranger.

Huntington Beach California

The act of kindess was, that I was on the golf course and was VERY tired. My sister asked me if she could carry my golf bag since I was tired, and I said yes. Thos made me feel warm inside and, less tired.

Woods Cross Utah

I got a blue sucker and it was delicious and it was very generous of my sister.????

7259 Bingham Jct Blvd, Midvale Utah

I provide gum at my desk for my fellow coworkers. This is purely a selfish act, to make sure the people I talk to have fresh breath. The cost is minimal. Some kind soul place a fair amount of money on my desk to offset the gum cost.

Fort Lauderdale Florida

My father recently passed away and upon my return to work I had made plans with co-worker A to go have lunch together. A different co-worker that sits close by over heard that I was going to lunch with co-worker A and gave them money to pay for my lunch. It truly was kind and made me feel that people truly care about others when they are going through a difficult time.

3900 South, South Salt Lake Utah

This made me really happy when somebody wrote this to me and I just want to say thank you for this. Now I'm going to show an act of kindness by saying a nice thing

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GivingGame is a way to do good for those around you, and watch that kindness Played Forward

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