How to Play


Primary objective: is to Play Forward as much kindness as possible.

Secondary objective: get as many acts of kindness registered to your tree as as possible.

Bonus: engage in the community by sharing, commenting, and favoriting other people's kindness moves and let them know that they are making a difference.


Do acts of kindness leaving virtual or physical playing giving-cards so others can Play it Forward. The giving-cards for GivingGame can be printed, sent as texts, or in an email (each card has a unique code). Giving-cards are generated in your game account. Once acts of kindness are registered, you can watch your game grow via a game map, a game tree or the game home feed.

The Plays

  1. To Play Forward an act of kindness first create a giving-card by hovering over the pink plus in the lower right.
  2. Choose your preferred method for your giving-cards, either email, link, or printed set of giving-cards.
    Print cards

    This is a great option for having lots of giving-cards ready to give out when kindness strikes.

    Send email

    This sets up an email in your native email program. Great for sending a link to a friend.

    Copy link

    This is a link to give to someone. Remember it's always good to give receiver a brief explanation about GivingGame and the link.

  3. Do an act of kindness for someone, and pass them a giving-card. Each giving-card and its unique code starts a new branch of kindness.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have grown a beautiful giving tree.

Questions & Answers

What if I give the Giving Card to someone and they don't report it?

Not all people will report an act of kindness, but don’t give up! We recommend printing off a bunch of Giving Cards to keep in your wallet. Worst case scenario? You do some good in the world.

Can I do an act of kindness for myself?

Although we support treating yourself kindly, GivingGame does not allow a user to do acts of kindness for him or herself.

Is this something I can do with family and freinds?

Make GivingGame more exciting by following other players (friends, family members, clubs, companies, church groups, students at school, etc.). See who can grow their Giving Tree the fastest, or have their Giving Map touch the most U.S. states. Even more, see if you can go global. The possibilities are endless!

What happens when you do an act of kindness for someone who already has a game tree?

What happens when you do an act of kindness for someone who already has a Giving Tree? Only that specific act of kindness is registered to your tree -- not any other acts from the recipient.

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