xyloguy reported fuzzybaird's act of kindness
4 years ago

Met up with Eli and Dan for dinner. It has been a couple years since we hung out last. Eli paid for everyone (my wife and I, Dan ate earlier). It was really nice of him to do it and I appreciated the gesture quite a bit. I will definitely be passing it on!

Royal Thai Cuisine, Utah


lugajug 4 years ago

What! Bryan when did you decide to leave the school?

fuzzybaird 4 years ago

What!!! You mean papa's going to be chasing that cheddar?!! That's great. Both paths have their rewards.

xyloguy 4 years ago

I am not going to be at the university much longer. I am moving to the private sector at the end of the semester.

fuzzybaird 4 years ago

It was my pleasure!! I love what you are doing in life professor;) it's always nice to catch up. Can't wait to see what ideas you come up with to play-it-forward.