Discover Kindness

Provo Utah

I found candy and a nice note on my chair in the library

Salt Lake City Utah

madam loo brought me coffee. feeling the love

kyleaw3 4 years ago more
Provo Utah

left easter candy behind in the library and it made me feel great

ElDorko 4 years ago more
Midvale Utah

A friend brought me a free donut for breakfast! It was a nice surprise!

CHG Healthcare, Midvale Utah

I was given a Doughnut. It was random that it was given to me.

Midvale Utah

Co-worker was walking around handing out doughnuts to everyone who wanted one. I only had the chance to grab a banana for breakfast on my way out the door, so I was very appreciative of the gesture!

Midvale Utah

Chase brought donuts into the office today. It was super nice of him and a great way to start the day.

Brigham Young University, Provo Utah

Candy :)

David Eccles School of Business, Salt Lake City Utah

My act of kindness was an Easter Egg full of chocolate. It was a fun surprise!

delete 3 years ago more
Salt Lake City Utah

Free beer is always appreciated!