Discover Kindness

The University of Utah, Salt Lake City Utah

My friend took notes for me when I was sick and couldn't make it to class.

Salt Lake City Utah

madam loo brought me coffee. feeling the love

Beans & Brews, Salt Lake City Utah

Someone went and paid for my coffee, now I am getting through the day because they decided to just be the bees knees!

Salt Lake City Utah

A thank you from our awesome boss she brought us all doughnuts.

Salt Lake City Utah

Nothing like donuts in the morning! Our boss is always the first to make us feel loved and taken care of here!

Equitable Life & Casualty, Salt Lake City Utah

Our supervisor brought us donuts for breakfast to tell us thank you for all we do. I really appreciate this act of kindness, it warms my heart, and makes me feel appreciated.

Salt Lake City Utah

our boss brought us donuts to thank us for all our hard work, it made me feel important and needed on the team.

Taylorsville Utah

I was having trouble getting some documents loaded on my computer when a friend offered to help me out when I had no idea what I was doing! this was such a huge help to me, and I am so thankful for her kind gesture!

Utah, Utah

I received a gift card for the grocery store I was at. It was only a small amount, but I felt lucky of all the people shopping to have been picked. I was also reminded of how much good there actually is in the world and how much good each person can do.

Bountiful Utah

Brighten up a dreary weekend by spending it with me. Love spending time with her. She cleans my house too