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Midvale Utah

I went to the Maverick in Midvale to get gas and when I walked in I told the cashier that I wanted $15 on pump 6. He told me that $10 was already paid as he was telling me I saw 5 people huddled by pump 5 and once I paid the $5. I walked outside I asked them if they paid for my gas and thanked them...they handed me a card and told me to pay it forward. Will do guys will do!! Thanks guys!!

Midvale Utah

I pulled up to Maverick to get gas and when I did a worker came out and told me that $10 was already paid for as a random act of kindness and then I saw a card taped on the pump. Thank you so much person from CHG. This is the first time I've received a random act of kindness and I will pay it forward.

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Midvale Utah

A very good looking man gave me 15.00 outside of Maverick. I got a demotion at work today and was going in to Mavericks for a treat to eat my feelings. This guy made my day , I was in shock and started to cry. I was not able to properly thank him as he was gone before I knew it. I am now looking for a way to play-it-forward!! Thank you thank you thank you. You'll never know..,,,,,

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Walgreens Pharmacy, Denver Colorado


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84047, Midvale Utah

Thanks for getting me the elevator Fredrick!

West Jordan Utah

My lovely wife asked me to assist her in serving others. One skill set that I have is making salsa. It isn't world renowned; it isn't even restaurant quality, but I enjoy making it and eating it. She asked me to make some salsa for Teacher Appreciation Day. I was told that a fight almost broke out as the bottom of the bowl was being scraped for the last bit of salsa. It felt good to know that something I enjoy doing was enjoyed by many others. Thanks for giving me the chance to serve.

Price Utah

dan gibson helped me put together my my commrtunity service project for drug court

Ellsworth Maine

I received some Dunkin Donuts I felt loved and appreciative. It made me feel good.

Ellsworth Maine

Surprised me with yummy doughnuts!

Ellsworth Maine

Dunkin Donuts! Yum. ????