Discover Kindness

UncleEli 3 years ago more
Talavera at the Junction Apartments, Midvale Utah

Ding Dong!! I answer the door to roses!!!!! This is so nice of people:) I can't believe this. I put them on the counter and now I have something to brighten my home.

Brooklin Maine

Some one came and cleaned my kitchen

Sammy 3 years ago more
Maverik Adventure's First Stop, Midvale Utah

I filled up my car with gas, and went in to get some candy and the gentleman in front of me saw that I had a snickers like him, and without me knowing payed for my candy as well :)

Washington District of Columbia

I got lost and could not find my way back to my tour bus. Some guy told me how to get here and gave me this card and told me to play-it-forward.

Fargo North Dakota

My friend came and played her guitar at a dinner party. She didn't charge me anything and left me this card. What a sweetheart.

Seattle Washington

Our neighbors helped us unpack our moving truck. I think we are going to like it here.

Abbyroad 3 years ago more
Danville California

my friend just brought me my favorite healthy snack. Low carb chocolate fudge.